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Is It Time To Update Your Home Insurance?

Posted by on Dec 7, 2016 in Insurance |

dsc06725Another year is coming soon, and as in previous years, it’s time to review your life so that you can plan for your future. Aside from making resolutions, you should definitely update your home insurance. Why? Because if you make changes in your life, this might affect your policy. You don’t want to void it or miss on substantial savings due to a simple oversight. So take out your home insurance policy and update them if one or more of these are on your annual to-do list:

Plan#1 – You plan on buying a new home
If you plan on putting that huge bonus to good use by buying a house, then an update to your home insurance policy is definitely needed. Are you buying a vacation house? Or do you plan on renting it out for additional income? Is it located in a disaster-prone area? These are just some of the things you need to ask yourself so that you know what kind of additional coverage you need.

Plan #2 – You will have a new status
Not in Facebook, but in life. Whether you’re hitching or ditching a partner, the Insurance Information Institute recommends that you update your home insurance. If its the former, you will be adding new possessions, some of which may be expensive and need to be covered. In the case of the latter, then an inventory will be helpful when you cut the ties that bind.

Plan #3 – You want a new look for your home
Renovations can substantially impact your coverage, so be sure to check them out before bringing down the first wall. And if you plan on contracting out the work, be sure to have worker’s compensation policy or you might end up crying over the hospital bill of one of your workers. If you are looking for updated home insurance Williams & Associates Marion can get you on the right path.

Out with the old, in with the new – that should be your motto every year. This should definitely apply to your home insurance. Start your year right by making sure that your coverage will match your future plans.

Preparing your boat for winter after one last outing

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Recreational Activities |

img_9446Winter is coming, and if you have not removed your boat from the water yet, it’s likely time you did so. But storing the boat for winter isn’t really as simple as bringing it out of water and transportation it into your backyard. Winter weather conditions as well as long storage periods can cause wear and tear on a boat, and cause the boat to need painstaking maintenance and costly repair once spring and summer come back around.
Follow these steps to store your boat for winter
1. Change your Yamalubeoil

Any acids or water that have entered into your oils can trust the engine. Also, change the filter and then flush it out so no water will remain, and add the new Yamalube oil.

2. Refresh its coolant system

Drain the current coolant, and flush with water. Fill it with fresh antifreeze, and make sure you have diluted it to the specification. This prevents parts of the engine from getting frozen and will protect it from corrosion as well.

3. Spray with fogging oil

Turn your engine without starting it, and during this action spray fogging oil in the carburetor or on the spark plug holes. However, it must be done according to the way the manual instructs. This will keep the boat engine’s moving parts shielded during the cold.
4. Remove drive belts

When placed under tension for a long time, your drive belts could crack under the stress. Remove or loosen them completely before placing the boat in storage.

5. Disconnect the battery

Do not allow the battery to drain over the winter so you must disconnect the battery and then top it off using distilled water. Charge the battery at least once in a while to ensure it’s ready to move when you set it up.

6. Fill your gas tank

Most times, condensation can start to build up in your empty tank, and this will cause the tank to corrode.

7. Take care of the boat’s interior

If you have some electronics, take them out, as they are vulnerable to cold temperatures as well as moisture. Any other organic materials, such as canvas, leather, or fabric, needs to be removed since moisture may cause mold and mildew to develop. Empty the water tanks, and pour antifreeze into water pipes.

8. Wash and wax

Clean your boat thoroughly, and cover the using with wax. The wax will prevent rust, and is important if you intend to store your boat outside.

9. Use a cover

The boat cover will protect the boat from dust, dirt, grime and moisture. They make sure the boat is ready when the warm months come back around.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas from Murray Lampert San Diego

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016 in Home Remodeling |

sdrandco-7You can spruce up your kitchen in San Diego and give it a totally different look by implementing some remodeling activities. Most complaints that call for San Diego kitchen renovation to the kitchen area are inadequate lighting, cramped space, old cabinets, outdated fixtures and also an improper layout. There are a lot of interesting and appealing renovation ideas that you can consider. Here is a look at some kitchen renovation ideas that you can consider from Murray Lampert services San Diego:

* If your kitchen cabinets are old, you might want to consider changing them. In case of kitchen cabinets that are made from laminated material, use of oil-based primer can help to bring back their former look.

* Choose a small area of the kitchen that can be changed into a storage area. You can use in-built bookshelves for storing glassware or small kitchen utilities. A good way to maximize storage space is through pullout cabinets.

* When you want to give an antique or rustic appearance to your kitchen interiors, try installing soapstone. This material has a rich look which is enhanced because of coloring and also because of vein-like features that spread across it. This is a durable, but care has to be taken to maintain it so that it is in proper condition.

* Those who have large families or who serve meals with many courses, would need a butler’s pantry. Such a pantry is necessary for stacking dishes, serving wine and also for heating meals. You can opt for the walk-through design or the u-shaped design.

* Consider renovating the plumbing section and also the wiring. In older homes this is a necessary part of kitchen renovation as they could have become worn out over the years.

* Check if your existing kitchen layout offers space and freedom for movement. It is important to implement the classic work triangle with the sink, stove and refrigerator arranged in this manner.

* Having more than one workstation is good as it will enable another person to work more efficiently. You can implement an island kitchen to bring on more convenience to your work space.

* Always introduce renovation ideas by keeping in mind size constraints. If your kitchen is a galley kitchen, implementing a center island is not a good option.

If you choose to renovate your kitchen through a contractor, make sure to hire someone who is fully insured and also bonded. Get all the agreements in writing and also check out payment schedules to get full value for the money spent.

Is Freight Factoring Feasible in Today’s’ Fast Moving Market?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in News |

cash-flowCash is king in every business and maintaining a steady cash flow is essential to the survival as well as the growth of any business. If you own a trucking company, you’re more aware of this in most businesses. However, if client payments are not coming on time, it’s just smart to consider the option of freight bill factoring to expand your business and to step up your cash flow without resorting to taking a loan. If your company is generating invoices for services offered, but the invoices are being paid slow, you can make use of factoring to ease the strain on your cash flow.

Transportation factoring beats waiting on slow pays

Transportation Factoring is a modern practice in the trucking business because, in spite of slow payments from a client, a truck company owner needs to pay for fuel, repairs, and drivers, as and when the expenses come up. In such a scenario, selling your freight bills to a reliable freight factoring company will enable you to get ready cash while the factoring company later collects the payment from your client. This way there is minimum cash tied up in your operations, and you will not have to take on new debt for meeting your operational expenses. Factoring helps you turn your outstanding invoices into ready cash.

Truck Factoring offers cash flow

Truck factoring provides benefits in addition to ensuring a steady and predictable flow of money. For example, some freight factoring firms offer to fund the same day. Funding mostly depends on the credit strength of your clients. As long as you take normal precautions, steady cash flow can be a headache off your plate. You can care for your expenses promptly and take on new jobs without borrowing money. With factoring, even start-up truck companies can enjoy the same security. You can set up an account with a well-known factoring firm in less than a day’s time and get ready cash against your invoices when you need it.

Complimentary credit verification service from freight bill factoring companies

If you are new in this business, you can also take advantage of the complimentary online credit check facility offered by a few freight bill factoring firms. This helps you assess the credit worthiness of your client, therefore, reducing your risk.

Freight factoring as little as 1%

Freight factoring firms charge a minimal fee for their services that can be as low as 1%. In today’s cash-strapped business environment, factoring is a smart option for truck companies.

Financing a Semi Truck

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Financial |


Getting finance for a dump semi truck is similar to getting finance for anything else. You have to undergo the same steps to find the right program to suit your needs. There are many other options available for financing.

The first place one would normally checkout is the local bank. Mostly the criteria would be to have a good credit score at the personal level and other documentation required. The previous year’s income tax returns may be needed along with the current financial statements. If it is a new business just starting off, it also should have a credit score of 680 or higher. Such businesses are considered high-risk areas and the companies should be able to meet the higher lending standards. Most of these banks as well as the financial organizations offer loan programs for the purchase of or lease of dump semi trucks.

When the company that requires finance for the purchase of dump semi truck takes up a loan program, the ownership title is transferred at the end of the loan repayment period. However, the documentation required initially to acquire a loan is a lot and hence, many companies drop the idea. When opting for the loan option, the organization has to be careful and enquire whether the loans extended are only for new semi truck or also converted semi truck. Most often there is lot of paperwork involved in this. However, now such companies are trying to design a system which would involve only using the applications to provide loans. The dump semi truck would be the collateral in this case for the loan.

One alternative is opting for the partial finance, where part of the amount is given as loan and you put down part of the amount and finance it accordingly. These loans are easier to avail of and you may get better rates and terms of payments.

Another option that these companies have is the dealer’s financing and inventory program. The lending company displays an inventory he has and the financing agreements. This kind of financing is useful for the large as well as the new startup companies. This provides an excellent opportunity to the companies to access great deals to the buy the appropriate dump semi truck, as per their specific requirements.

One can also opt for the equipment leasing option. It is a contract for a longer period with a take-over option. The dump semi truck is owned by the leasing company till the period of rent, while the company uses the dump semi truck .

When you are on the lookout for financing your dump semi truck purchase you need to consider things like the initial payment, the monthly payments, collateral required and any buyout clauses. You may even consult a broker regarding the benefits of dump semi truck financing. Each type will have its own pros and cons and you need to consider all these factors before selecting the correct one.

Don’t Skimp on Care For Seniors

Posted by on Aug 20, 2016 in Health Care |

In-home care has numerous benefits for seniors including providing the seniors with the attention and comfort they require to live independently in their homes. When there is somebody around to look after you or your loved one is a primary source of companion that not only keeps you healthy but enables you to live a normal life as before. Other benefits of in-home care for seniors include:file000856307903

Family Support and Participation

The LA caregiver professionals do more than committing themselves to assisting your loved one. They undertake to involve the other family members in the caring process by keeping everybody in constant communication. Regular contact gives you an opportunity of showing your love and compassion for the elderly and in providing any needed assistance.

One-on-One (personalized) Care

The caregivers from LA home care primary intention is to give the seniors 24/7 attention as well as quality care. The continuous attention and care make it a personal affair which is very critical in determining whether you loved one is facing any health problem or any other kind of challenge. Medication assistance and reminders which come with in-home care shows compassionate and gives ultimate comfort.

Keeping home comforts

There are many comforts at home each, and every elderly person may not want to live without such the beautiful and serene backyard, that comfortable chair they love, family and friends who always pays them a visit among others. The in-home care keeps you close to those people and things you love.

Family Peace of Mind

Since the in-home caregivers’ offers the level and range of care your loved one deserves and needs, you can concentrate on other commitments such as job knowing that everything is okay. You do not have to burden yourself with additional responsibilities and demands with professional caregivers around you. Taking advantage of professional caregivers is not an act of being selfish or giving up the seniors.

Comfort, Confidence, and Independence

Most of the seniors are more comfortable and confidence when it comes to participating in various activities. Living independent life and being able to take part in different activities makes the recovery process fast and easy and also help the elderly in living a meaningful life.

Saving cash

As compared to taking your loved one to nursing home, in-home care (LA in home care) is cheaper. You only have to pay the caregiver’s services unlike in nursing homes where you cater for everything.

In conclusion, to leap all the above benefits, I highly recommend LA in home care. They are professional and experts in this critical field. The caregivers are highly trained and can work under any condition of your loved one. You should contact them today.

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