Bo-Tyne Crush on Ewe MX,MXJ, XF, HIT
Crush is a red & white Border Collie born May 3, 2006.
Breeder: Lynda Verna, Ontario, Canada, Bo-Tyne Border Collies.
Sire: Bo-Tyne Focus (Rival's Dart x Bo Tyne Quiver) (Running Video of Focus)( Focus Doing Flyball)
Dam: Bo-Tyne Skittle (Bo Tyne Jimy x Timber) (photos of Skittle)
Here is a little video clip of Crush at 7 weeks
She is very cute and a tugging fool! Millie didn't like Charisse looking at her. I guess it is Millie's puppy now.
Today we worked on name recognition and self control. She is amazing! I have only trained Poodles and
Millie the  feral dog (who is probably part coyote). I have had a ton of other dogs and other breeds but
never really did formal training with them.
Crush can run up and down the stairs like a pro and she is only 7 weeks old! My other dogs could barely
go up and down that fast when they were full grown! She is fearless, bold, smart and confident.
Turn up the sounds because at the end, she is growling like a crazy woman. It is very funny.
This was Crush's first time in the pool. She loves the water! The Poodles think it is pretty great too.
8-12-06 Fun on the Run Uncle Jef & Auntie Rossie came to visit with their 4 dogs. We had 10 dogs
running around and Crush had a great time! Crush's legs and tail are getting very long.
8-12-06 Fun on the Run II
Here are some more videos of the 10 dogs playing at our place.
8-14-06 Training Crush
Today we worked on hind end awareness with the ladder, crate games, left & right, & sit stay.
She loves the crate games! She is getting very good about left & right and her sit stay is coming along nicely.
She is a gem to work with!
8-15-06 Crush Goes To Preschool!
This was our second week in preschool. You can hear some double clicking going on but it wasn't coming
from me! It was coming from the others in the class in the background working with their dogs.
My mechanics with the target were sloppy but she is getting it in spite of me.
Crush was a wiz on the tippy board! She never blinked an eye.
That is Uncle Jef working with Crush at the end of the video.
9-5-06 Crush Goes To Susan Salo
Crush had her first lesson on puppy jumping 101 with Susan Salo. Here is a short clip of what we did with
her. She sure loved it!!!! She thought she was doing "BIG JILITY" just like her big sisters.
12-17-06 Crush Goes Herding Again
We took Crush and all the Poodles herding. It was SO much fun! Crush is 7 1/2 months old in this video.
2-19-07 Crush at the Susan Salo Seminar
Here are some videos of Crush at a Susan Salo jumping seminar. Crush is now 9 1/2 months old. She has
only done a few jumps grids up until now. She worked very well! I was so proud of her. She is all business.
Day 1 The Basics
Simple and effective!
Susan holds the bar above the jump bump so it doesn't fall if she hits it. This is the first time Crush has
jumped anything but a jump bump. Notice how nicely she rounds and how she uses her head and neck.
Learning to Slice
Here is a great exercise to teach the dogs how to slice jumps. You will see Crush jump into position when I
tell her "close" (left side). Isn't she just the cutest? You will also see her look over her shoulder. There was
a kiddie pool behind her and she LOVES the pool! She struggled with not running to the pool but we
worked it out. I took her to the pool and had her siting front of it. I held the tug and releaser her with "get
it." She knows that means get the tug. She tugged instead of going in the pool (and she was very tempted
LOL). Then I told her 'OK Swim." and she jumped in the pool. We did this several times. Once it was on
stimulus control, she didn't think about running off again to the pool. She is such a smarty.
Another view of the slice
Day 2 Distance and Problem Solving
Learning where the power is!
Crush is learning that her power is in the rear and she is using it well.
Learning Her Job With Strange Looking Jumps and Reading Distances
Here are two different grids. The first uses cross bars to make the jump look different and give the illusion
of height. The second teaches her to work out distances and adjust her power and stride accordingly.
Day 3 Introduction to Bending
Simple Bend Exercise
Crush is learning to power through a turn over jumps bumps.
Building on the Turn
Here she goes one way, then straight, the back to the start.
Getting Straight Again
After all that bending, Susan ends with a grid to straighten the dogs and let them open up. Crush is equally
good coming towards me as going away from me.
5-24-07 Lets Go To The Beach!
Video 1 at the beach
The Girlz are ready to go to Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA. What a great time we had! Crushie
leaves the others in the dust!
Video 2 Herding the Poodles
Crush loves herding sheep but Poodles will do in a crunch. Josephine doesn't like it either and she tells
Crush about it!
Video 3
Crush loves to swim but she is afraid the dive bombing Poodles will drown her. She is a fast swimmer!
Crush Swims At Four Paws Kingdom Campground!
Four Paws is located in Rutherfordton, NC. It is the most amazing place to go with dogs! They have cabins
for those without an RV. There is swimming and agility and rally obedience and hiking trails and fenced dog
parks and more! They are very dog friendly and the nicest people.
We took the girls swimming and Crush had a great time! She out swims those Poodles by a mile but they
cut her off at the pass and steal her toy. She leaves them in the dust on the way back in to shore.
Here is a link to all the Poodles herding too.
Sequencing video to come.

9-04-07 Crushie Learns to Weave!
Several weeks ago, we began teaching Crush to weave. We used Susan Garrett's 2x2 method because we
think it is the best method. This is the second dog we have trained using 2x2s. The other was a Poodle and
it worked equally as well with her.
Here is a video taken right after Crush went to straight up poles and the very first time she ever tried to do
2 sets of 6 poles. She is a little slower when she goes to the 2 sets of six but will get faster as she
understands better and really gets her footwork down.
9-07-07 Crushie Goes to 12 Poles!
Here is Crush's second time ever doing 12 weave poles in line! Her speed will increase as she matures and
gains more experience but right now they are about 2.7 seconds.
1-12-08 Crushie's Weavins
Crush's weave are getting faster. These were 2.53 seconds.
Click on above images for larger view
Crush at 11 weeks
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Crushie helps Mel edit the videos. He couldn't
do it without her! She is REAL brains behind all
his videos!!!
2-29-08 Crush's Big Debut!        
Today, our little Crushie made her big debut in AKC Jumper. She was SO happy to finally be doing
BIG JILITY just like her older sisters. She ran this course in 17 seconds!
3-25-08 Crushie Learns The Teeter
Mel has been working on Crush's teeter for a couple of weeks now. He started with a 4' table at the
end of the teeter so it didn't tip and slowly lowered the table.
We have worked the end behavior since she was only a few months old. She was VERY nervous
about motion and the wobble board and the end of the teeter at first. We took our time and she is now
getting very bold.
You can see Mel works her drive and, in the last clip, she is screaming at him to let her go to the teeter
4-1-08 Crushie Learning the Dog Walk
We are working on getting better on the down plank but she is getting it. She is driving ahead pretty
well for a baby dog. We want to get great drive before we raise it to full height.
4-5-08 Crush's Second Trial
This was Crush's second trial. She Qed and won. She started to turn the wrong way before the weaves
but Mel yelled "WEAVE" and she whipped around to find them. She was a very good girl!
You can see how much the camera shakes because of my tremors! That is why nobody ever asks me
to tape their runs!
4-18-08 Crush's First Full Teeter
This was the first time Crushie did the teeter all the way to the ground. She tries so hard. She was very
scared of the teeter when we started training it so she has come a LONG way in a very short time.
We love the method we used to train it.
5-02-08 Crush on the Big DW
Crush is now on the full height DW. She is slowing a bit on the up ramp because she isn't sure if it is the
teeter or not and we are working on more speed on the down ramp.
5-02-08 Crush's Teeter Progresses
Crush is getting more confident on the teeter. She even does a little slide on the second one.
6-14-08 Crushie's Standard Debut
Today Crush had her first run in standard. It was also the first time she has shown indoors. She was a
bit cautious on her dog walk but her stops were all good and her table was terrific! She really read
Mel's rear cross at the table very well.
Her DW at home is much faster so we expect it to speed up in trials as she gains more confidence. She
still isn't sure if it is the DW or the teeter so you can see her weight shirt on the DW waiting for it to tip.
All in all she was a very good girl indeed!

For more fun Crushie videos, please visit our You Tube site.