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Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Recreational Activities |

Preparing your boat for winter after one last outing

img_9446Winter is coming, and if you have not removed your boat from the water yet, it’s likely time you did so. But storing the boat for winter isn’t really as simple as bringing it out of water and transportation it into your backyard. Winter weather conditions as well as long storage periods can cause wear and tear on a boat, and cause the boat to need painstaking maintenance and costly repair once spring and summer come back around.
Follow these steps to store your boat for winter
1. Change your Yamalubeoil

Any acids or water that have entered into your oils can trust the engine. Also, change the filter and then flush it out so no water will remain, and add the new Yamalube oil.

2. Refresh its coolant system

Drain the current coolant, and flush with water. Fill it with fresh antifreeze, and make sure you have diluted it to the specification. This prevents parts of the engine from getting frozen and will protect it from corrosion as well.

3. Spray with fogging oil

Turn your engine without starting it, and during this action spray fogging oil in the carburetor or on the spark plug holes. However, it must be done according to the way the manual instructs. This will keep the boat engine’s moving parts shielded during the cold.
4. Remove drive belts

When placed under tension for a long time, your drive belts could crack under the stress. Remove or loosen them completely before placing the boat in storage.

5. Disconnect the battery

Do not allow the battery to drain over the winter so you must disconnect the battery and then top it off using distilled water. Charge the battery at least once in a while to ensure it’s ready to move when you set it up.

6. Fill your gas tank

Most times, condensation can start to build up in your empty tank, and this will cause the tank to corrode.

7. Take care of the boat’s interior

If you have some electronics, take them out, as they are vulnerable to cold temperatures as well as moisture. Any other organic materials, such as canvas, leather, or fabric, needs to be removed since moisture may cause mold and mildew to develop. Empty the water tanks, and pour antifreeze into water pipes.

8. Wash and wax

Clean your boat thoroughly, and cover the using with wax. The wax will prevent rust, and is important if you intend to store your boat outside.

9. Use a cover

The boat cover will protect the boat from dust, dirt, grime and moisture. They make sure the boat is ready when the warm months come back around.

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