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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in News |

Is Freight Factoring Feasible in Today’s’ Fast Moving Market?

cash-flowCash is king in every business and maintaining a steady cash flow is essential to the survival as well as the growth of any business. If you own a trucking company, you’re more aware of this in most businesses. However, if client payments are not coming on time, it’s just smart to consider the option of freight bill factoring to expand your business and to step up your cash flow without resorting to taking a loan. If your company is generating invoices for services offered, but the invoices are being paid slow, you can make use of factoring to ease the strain on your cash flow.

Transportation factoring beats waiting on slow pays

Transportation Factoring is a modern practice in the trucking business because, in spite of slow payments from a client, a truck company owner needs to pay for fuel, repairs, and drivers, as and when the expenses come up. In such a scenario, selling your freight bills to a reliable freight factoring company will enable you to get ready cash while the factoring company later collects the payment from your client. This way there is minimum cash tied up in your operations, and you will not have to take on new debt for meeting your operational expenses. Factoring helps you turn your outstanding invoices into ready cash.

Truck Factoring offers cash flow

Truck factoring provides benefits in addition to ensuring a steady and predictable flow of money. For example, some freight factoring firms offer to fund the same day. Funding mostly depends on the credit strength of your clients. As long as you take normal precautions, steady cash flow can be a headache off your plate. You can care for your expenses promptly and take on new jobs without borrowing money. With factoring, even start-up truck companies can enjoy the same security. You can set up an account with a well-known factoring firm in less than a day’s time and get ready cash against your invoices when you need it.

Complimentary credit verification service from freight bill factoring companies

If you are new in this business, you can also take advantage of the complimentary online credit check facility offered by a few freight bill factoring firms. This helps you assess the credit worthiness of your client, therefore, reducing your risk.

Freight factoring as little as 1%

Freight factoring firms charge a minimal fee for their services that can be as low as 1%. In today’s cash-strapped business environment, factoring is a smart option for truck companies.

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